04 April 2010

Not a Very Good Start for the New Year.

I have sad news to report. I still have not found any one to spank me. After searching high and low for that right person to bring into my life, nothing.

I am not askiing for much. Either a play partner for now that could turn into more or not. I am also willing to use a professional spanker until I find the one. Will also play with couples and groups.

I need advice from you. Where and how did you find someone to spank you?

24 February 2010

Which Condoms To Buy?

So I am purchasing condoms for when I am ready to play. There is so much information out there. So I Yahooed (yes that right not google) "best condoms for safe sex" and there are tons of information out there.

Bottom line, latex are the best when it comes to protecting you from HIV and/or STDs. The second choice, for thoese that have latex allergy, is polyurethane. There is no proff that polyurethane condoms will protect you (test are being done as I type) it is still better then nothing.

Unlike latex, polyurethane condoms allows more pleasure to your partner by allowing heat transfer.

Here is how I went about choosing a condom:
1. Protection
2. Pleasure felt
3. Cost (not really important)

Here are my choices:
1. The Female Condom - (Vaginal Sex) A polyurethane FEMALE condom will give me the control I want and the full protection. The loose-fitting design allows for maximum sensitivity and heat transfer.

2. Paradise Flovored Condom - (Blow Jobs) I think I will get cherry and strawberry. Ymmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

3. Durex Avanti - (Anal Sex) Because the Female condom won't fit. Plus a nice lube (Astroglide).

What about you? What condom do you use? Do you use a condom?

23 February 2010

Here I go Again

I have started my search again. I can't believe I was stood up on my birthday. Boy did that suck! Anyway I am moving on.

I went back to my list of guys that applied. I have contacted three. Here is their information.

Number Three: I know nothing about him except he is a white man. He just sent a picture. Would need to get more information on before we meet.

Number Two: Black man, 35 years, 195lbs, Athletic Build, Professional. I have not seen a face picture but what he sent of his body is impressive.

Number One: White male, 54 years, verrrrrry cute, Likes R & B music, Lite 420, X rated movies.

#1 and I will talk so more and then meet next week for drinks.

I will take it slow and maybe find the right one.

18 February 2010

Stood Up on my BIrthday

Well I took the advice of many and decided not to get a spanking on my birthday, but to meet with the guy first for safety.

We had emailed each other back and forth for two days. We sent pictures, we talked and talked and talked. Then the day of, yesterday, nothing. There I sat along in a restaurant. I could not believe it.

What does a girl have to do to have some fun on her birthday?

15 February 2010

I found the One! I think.

OK, after looking at hundreds of emails I think I found the one.

We will call him D, 47 year old professional man that has been into to spanking for 20 years. He sent me a picture I liked it.

I asked him to write back and tell me more about him. My birthday is Wednesday. I don't know if I will get my spanking or not.

So tell me how would you proceed? How many non spanking meetings would you have before you let someone at your naked ass? Where should I meet him? Help need your help!

14 February 2010

Thw Growing List

I have advertise everywhere. ALT.com, AFF.com, SpankFinders.com, HornyMatches.com, you named it. But the best place for advertising is on Craig's List. The title read "Need Birthday Spanking" and I received over 200 emails within a In the ad I requested for a birthday spanking and sex. I asked each guy to email me their photos. Some did some didn't. Emails with out photos were deleted. That left me with 54 emails to answer.

Out of the 54 I have narrow it down to 7 guys. Of the 7 3 went into my yes folder and the others went into my maybe folder.

Check back tomorrow and I will tell you about each guy. Help me make a decision.

09 February 2010

The Young one or the Old one?

What would you do?

Who spank better? An older man or a younger man?

1st choice he is tall good looking and well built for his age, 54 years. He is a doctor, a big plus.

2nd choice is 32 years old, single and hold a BA. He is only looking for a spanking partner.

I will requesting pictures from both.

So tell me where did you find your spanking partner?

Tomorrow more choices.